Mar 20, 2017

Important announcement

I’m no longer going to produce documentary nor photojournalistic work. My priorities have changed since I’m in a situation where it’s no longer financially sustainable for me to keep beating a dead horse. In a nutshell: I resign.

My old website has been taken down. My portfolio has been redirected to my art site.

I’ve completely shifted my efforts towards the production of personal artwork in which I can still invest my time and money.

It’s been a very hard decision to make. I feel better, however, and all I want right now is to simply move on.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dec 1, 2016

New Art portfolio

I finally decided to dedicate a separate portfolio for my personal artwork that will soon include works made on other media besides photography. I believe this action will benefit clients who are searching for specific images or services and avoid confusion between two distinct jobs.

I will however maintain my social media as they are, without further creating dedicated profiles for each activity. Therefore, keep following my blog, my Tumblr and my Instagram for behind the scenes from both my photographic as well as artistic activities!

All the best,


Sep 27, 2016

F.I.C.O. Eataly World feature


Last week I had the privilege to work with Franco and Paolo Boeri, father and son, proud owners of Olio Roi, a family run olive mill located in my father’s hometown, Badalucco, Italy. The mill is specialized in the harvest and processing of the Taggiasca cultivated variety, producing some of the finest olive oil on the planet.


Franco and Paolo hosted a much welcomed guest, Simone Greco, ambassador for F.I.C.O. (Fabbrica Italiana COntadina - Italian Farmers’ Factory) Eataly World, the greatest theme park for the promotion and sale of Italian Food excellency which is about to open in Bologna, Italy.


Simone is currently facing a national bike tour collecting hands-on experiences of all of the Italian food producers which will be hosted inside F.I.C.O. Eataly World. Besides Eataly, his main sponsors are the RAI National Italian Public Television and Bianchi, world renown bicycle manufacturer.


A detailed account of Simone’s visit is featured in F.I.C.O.’s official blog (only in Italian, sorry). You can follow Simone’s adventure on both Instagram as well as Twitter.


I’d like to thank Franco and Paolo for all of the hard work and passion towards a unique food product, and Simone for his much pleasant visit. Safe travels!

Sep 24, 2016

10(X) Editions


10(X) Editions is a micro press venture run by Sara Terry, my mentor.

It features affordable as well as refined hand made editions, both sold in limited numbers and hand signed by the author. These highly collectible books contain ten images each, according to their theme. Besides Sara’s own work, 10(X) Editions also features volumes shot by other guest authors.


I’m very happy with my personal copies of Sara’s “Space: The Final Frontier” and Donald Weber’s “One Way Children”, a guest author whom I greatly admire. Both books offer a whispered viewpoint where I feel closer to the authors’ eyes compared to their equally good, yet more famous signature work.

If I had to give a rating for both books and concept, it would definitely be a five out of five stars.

For more information on Sara Terry’s 10(X) editions, click on this link.

Aug 22, 2016

New website


I’ve finally renovated my website with a new template, which I believe allows a better vision of my work. The online shop is still in the works, but it will soon be be open to the public. Cheers to all - D.