Sep 24, 2016

10(X) Editions


10(X) Editions is a micro press venture run by Sara Terry, my mentor.

It features affordable as well as refined hand made editions, both sold in limited numbers and hand signed by the author. These highly collectible books contain ten images each, according to their theme. Besides Sara’s own work, 10(X) Editions also features volumes shot by other guest authors.


I’m very happy with my personal copies of Sara’s “Space: The Final Frontier” and Donald Weber’s “One Way Children”, a guest author whom I greatly admire. Both books offer a whispered viewpoint where I feel closer to the authors’ eyes compared to their equally good, yet more famous signature work.

If I had to give a rating for both books and concept, it would definitely be a five out of five stars.

For more information on Sara Terry’s 10(X) editions, click on this link.